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The world is full of the wrong advice. Lies and Deceit fill the shelves of our shopping malls. And there you sit, heart disease slowly creeping up your chest, Diabetes filling up from the tips of your toes, all the while you are reminded to get more synthetic vitamins, insecticide and pesticide covered fruit and vegetables…and they tell you its healthy!

We have made a serious decision to go organic, and search out the best possible nutrition in the world. It may not happen overnight, but we believe you don’t need to be great to begin, but you need to begin, to be great!

Enter a New World. Enter Vision Inspired

Don’t make the same mistakes with your health any longer. Browse through our website and let us know what you like best. Lets start a conversation about your health and see how we can help you achieve your health goals this year!

Contact us for more information at opportunity@visioninspired.co.za.


The world is in financial crisis. The rich keep getting richer, while the poor and middle class merge into one big pity party.

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, and getting together trying to compete with others, seeing who has the worst problems in life as if it is some sort of Olympic sport, why not do something about your life today that can change what your life will look like tomorrow?

Before you can take care of other people, you need to be able to take care of yourself. If you can’t even help yourself, how do you expect to create a sustainable living environment for your family? Its time to start taking what the world has in store for you. It won’t be easy, in truth it may even require some effort and determination. But the reality is, YOU CAN DO IT!

We have an opportunity that you may be interested in. It is not for everybody, but it can certainly help everybody. Our vision at Vision Inspired is to help people turn their vision into reality using the resources available to us as a NeoLife Distributorship and by being students of life.

Before you get what you want in life, you have to know what it is. It all starts with a vision. Our vision, starts with NeoLife.

What is NeoLife?